Scientific Dome IMAX

This 190-seat dome is used to display the latest science films which encourage visitors to be more interested in the fields of science and technology where the visitor becomes a part of the events of the film by using the latest display techniques via IMAX display systems and Planetarium systems. Different types of scientific films are being displayed about the natural phenomena and scientific facts, in addition to presentations about the Space. This dome is the first of its kind in the Kingdom and the Middle East.


IMAX Show September 2019
Movie Name Show Times     Show Days    
OCEANS 09:00 AM Every day except Friday 
10:00 AM Every day except Friday
THE ENCHANTED REEF 11:00 AM Every day except Friday
WILD AFRICA   04:15 PM All weekdays
THE ENCHANTED REEF 05:15 PM All weekdays
OCEANS 07:00 PM All weekdays
08:00 PM All weekdays
  45 minutes
Programs Prices
Type Scientific Halls Program Scientific Dome Program
All included programs
Adults 21 S.R 26.25 S.R 42 S.R
Children 15.75 S.R 21 S.R 31.50 S.R
(5 people)
15.75 S.R 21 S.R 31.50 S.R

Price per person
Price includes VAT